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  • Agricultural Fencing

P&S Durber Shropshire Agricultural Fencing Contractors offer most noteworthy services in agricultural fencing and erection of cattle pens.

With over 25 years of experience within the agricultural industry, you can be sure to receive knowledgeable and professional services to suit your needs. Whether you need new stock fencing to contain livestock such as cattle or sheep or are looking to install cattle corrals, holding pens or gateways, we can help.

Stock Fencing (Livestock)

Ideal for Sheep and Cattle. Incorporates various grades of netting. Barbed wire or plain wire can be added above to prevent larger stock from rubbing or pushing on the fence. Available in mild steel wire or high tensile for extra strength.

Stock fencing can also be erected using galvanised metal posts and wire, which provides a longer lasting alternative to timber.

Post & Rail Fencing

Can be built with varying heights and dimensions, with a number of rails for individual requirements. Netting and wire can also be added to this fencing to provide added protection.

Cattle Corrals & Holding Pens

Great for separating animals and moving them from one area to another or for loading onto transport. We can incorporate a race within the holding pen, ideal for vaccination and health checking.

“Brand Hall Estate has an exacting requirement for land management, not just for the running of the Estate, but also for the annual three day International Horse Trials which is hosted by Brand Hall.

The work undertaken by P&S Durber since the late 1990’s includes Estate and Stock Fencing, Hedge Laying, Gate Hanging and crucial drainage works.P&S Durber have provided all of these services over many years to our total satisfaction and to the countless words of praise from many participants of the annual equestrian event”

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